We see ourselves not as auctioneers that close doors, but instead open new ones. We assist the market by introducing the sellers to various premium and qualified buyers all under one roof to start the bidding process. By introducing these two to one another on our auction floor we not only assist in the selling and recycling of your assets at a fair price, but the buyer can also purchase the assets at a just market value. Swift payouts and outstanding client services is the backbone of our business.


Velox Auctioneers strives to go above and beyond the delivery of professional services to clients all over the Western Cape. “Our aim is to grow other businesses along with our own, and also to expand the auction market as a whole through the constant delivery of a tailored and ethical service that earns the trust of our clients.” We exercise a tremendous amount of ongoing care with all of our business dealings, so as to ensure a long lasting and fruitful partnership with every client. Years of experience combined with high moral values and innovative auction ingenuity is why we are always a step above the rest.


A long time ago at Velox Auctioneers, we made the bold decision to work strictly on a commission percentage with our clients. This means that you would never have to carry any costs upfront for removals, transport, advertising, cleaning or the preparing of assets to go on auction, and there will never be any hidden costs to be added later. We take complete care of every step in the process so you don’t have to. We do all of that for you, and thus we HAVE TO ensure that you get the highest possible premium on all your assets in order for us to see a return on our efforts.





Social responsibility

We believe in sustainably growing our community along with our own business, and thus we are involved with a number of charities around the Western Cape, most notably the annual Die Burger Kersfonds with 90.4FM. If you are planning an upcoming charity auction, we would love to do our part and get involved where we can. Please contact our head office on 021 100 3404 to speak with one of our friendly auctioneers.