Here at Velox we have a great passion for people in the catering industry, and we have been fortunate enough to assist many restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, guest houses, bars, pubs and nightclubs throughout the Western Cape acquire much needed catering equipment and restaurant furniture(both new & good quality second-hand) at fair market prices by way of our Tuesday auctions.

We can assist in the following ways

  • Revamps – When it’s time to upgrade the interior of your establishment, auctioning the previous good is an excellent way to recoup funds and avoid steep storage fees.
  • Upgrading Equipment – From time to time the need arises to upgrade kitchen equipment as your business scales in size and popularity. Having the older equipment auctioned off will generate cash flow as well as solve storage and space issues.
  • Turn any unwanted or unused household furniture, restaurant furniture, kitchen equipment or electrical appliances into cash.
  • Liquidation auctions – When a restaurant closes the owners are often forced to have a bad experience take a turn for the worse when their restaurant contents they spent so much time and money on accumulating, gets sold for next to nothing –that’s where we come in and this is how..


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We have been in the auctioneering of catering equipment for many years now and have built a vast client base of restaurateurs who follow our brand and auctions. This coupled with the fact that we spare no costs in advertising to further our reach means many restaurant owners gather at our auctions, and these are professional people who require equipment and more importantly they know good quality and understands the value of a good product, and are prepared to pay fair market value for your goods.